The most important feature of the INFINITY PRO bait boat is the ability to use all the technologically advanced improvements available on the market without the need to transport all the elements separately. The INFINITY PRO boat is controlled using a controller that contains all these elements, we do not need an additional stand with an echo sounder because all readings are displayed on the integrated display in the remote control.


The quality of workmanship and functionality of the INFINITY PRO bait boat, and above all, its minimalism, make it undoubtedly the best production bait boat in Poland.

A remote control equipped with a color display will provide the most accurate echosounder readings in the entire color spectrum, which will allow you to read echosounder records even more precisely and easily estimate bottom variations! Targeting fish of all kinds has never been so easy. The colorful echo sounder in the INFINITY PRO boat sets a new quality standard for boats in which all the elements are in the remote control! Silt, sand, silt, vegetation, roots, stones or gravel? From now on you know where you are fishing!

The readings of the color echo sounder in INFINITY PRO can easily be compared to readings from popular echo sounders such as Toslon.


1. The boat should be launched only when all the hull bolts have been tightened. The user should also check whether all seals are present on the screws closing the dome above the batteries

2.The remote control should not have any contact with water. (rain, dew, drizzle, etc.) it should not be left outside, let alone on the ground.

3. After each completed long session, the user should:

– fully charge the batteries

– unscrew the neck and the battery cover above the batteries

– disconnect and remove the batteries

– by turning it upside down, check if there are any traces of water inside.

– leave the boat to evaporate any steam that may form by condensation.

Any signals related to incorrect operation of the boat or traces of water should be reported immediately and the boat should not be used but opened and left to dry.

4. In the event of independent intervention and breaking the warranty seals, complaints will not be accepted.

5. Using batteries other than the original ones will result in the loss of the possibility of making a complaint.

6. Any changes inside or outside the boat will void the warranty.

7. Charging the batteries with chargers other than the original ones will void the warranty.

8. Any mechanical damage to the hull will void the warranty.

9. The boat cannot be turned on without connecting the antennas in the remote control and the boat.

10. The boat cannot be started unless the remote control is activated.

11.  The user should use the transport backpack with full caution, even though it is additionally reinforced, always transport it as close to the ground as possible or be careful when attaching the backpack arms so that in the event of one of the arms breaking off, the boat would be secured by the other arm.

12. In the event of a failure, we collect the equipment from the customer via courier. The customer should secure the bait boat in the original factory box or recreate its security level, i.e. the boat packed in a transport backpack + thick cardboard + filling (styrofoam / other protective material) on each side of the boat + reinforcements made of pieces of cardboard. If the boat is sent in backpack alone without protection, the customer immediately loses the warranty on the equipment regardless of damage.

13. The boat sent for service should be kept clean. Otherwise we will charge an additional fee.

14. Before sending the boat for service, please print and complete the application form and read the current service rules available at / The form should be placed in printed form in the package with the boat.

15. Determination of the use of non-original batteries in the boat will result in loss of warranty.


1. Before using the bait boat, we recommend that you become accustomed to the basic controls at home. Please use the joystick to control the direction of the boat, check that the engine, bait hopper, lights and trigger hooks are working properly.

2. You will need to charge the batteries in the remote control and boat before use. The remote control is charged via a USB cable. When the remote control is fully charged, the light will change from red to green. You will also be able to see the charge level of the remote control’s battery on the screen. The batteries can be charged in the boat via 2 short adapters that connect the charger cables to the sockets on the back of the boat. Alternatively, the batteries can be removed from the boat and connected directly to the charger via adapters. The light on the charger will change from a small red light to green when the batteries are fully charged.


1. After installing the battery in the boat, please tighten the screws carefully to avoid flooding. To get the best signal, please install the boat antenna and point it upwards.
2. Turn on the remote control and then the boat.(keep this order)
3. Use the left joystick on the remote control to control the direction of the boat.
4. The right joystick controls the boat’s dump flaps. Opening and closing is done with the alternating joystick on the remote control. Move the joystick left to open the left flap, move it left again to close. Repeat moving the joystick to the right for the right side flap. There is an icon on the remote control that indicates whether the flap is closed or not. Additionally, a light flashes at the back of the boat to indicate flap movement.
5. Releasing the hook. Function on the same joystick as flaps with open/close function. Move the joystick up or down.
6. Place the boat in the water and guide it to drop the bait and hook in the designated place.
Turn off the boat and then the remote control (keep this order)


1. Sonar turns on automatically when the boat is in manual mode, i.e. not GPS-controlled to navigate to a waypoint or return to HOME.
2. There are four sensitivity settings, available through the menu options. sensitivity 1 – will show all fish sizes / sensitivity 10 – will only show large fish.
3. The system automatically scales according to the water depth, the maximum is 30m.
The screen shows the current depth under the boat at that moment.
1. Marked fish are shown with their depths nearby.




1. Setting the home point. Once the boat is in the water, this is the first step to setting the HOME point. After finding at least 4 satellites on the remote control, press and hold (2-3secs) the HOME button on the remote control. The remote control will beep and the screen will display information that the distance to HOME is 0m.This means that saving the HOME point was successful.

2. SAVE POINT – When the boat reaches the place you want to set as a destination. Press the “SAVE” and “OK” buttons to save the point or you save a new point by overwriting a point that has already been used.

3. To go to a saved point. Press “POINT” and “GO” or use the up/down key to select another desired point from the 30 basic targets, then press “GO”

4. Deleting a saved point. Press DEL. The current point will be highlighted. To delete, press OK or select another point using the up/down buttons.

Auto HOME:

1. It is important to set the HOME point. (The HOME point should be near the shore.) When the GPS loses the signal or we turn off the transmitter, the boat can return to the HOME point by itself.2. Press the “HOME WITH DOWN ARROW” button, the boat will return home by itself.
Note: We strongly recommend that you set the HOME point as soon as possible after you start fishing. If after some time the pilot loses connection with the boat, the boat will automatically return home.3. If we have not set the home point and the boat loses range, the FAILSAFE mode is activated, i.e. the boat starts making larger and larger circles to find range.
4. Please monitor the boat’s route on the way back to shore. First turn off the switch on the boat, then turn off the remote control.
5. When using the boat, please pay attention to the boat’s lights. When the battery power is low, all boat lights will blink. We then ask you to return to the shore immediately and recharge your batteries.
6. When operating the boat in the evening, please turn on the LED light.

We guarantee that each customer will receive full technical support regarding the use of remotely controlled boats and dedicated accessories. Each boat is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 2 years and, of course, after this period we also provide post-warranty service. The service center operates very efficiently, so in most cases we are able to service products within 14 business days.

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We will introduce new products soon

The InfinityBoat brand is growing at an incredible pace. We are currently testing new products to complement our current range of products and accessories.