The most important feature of the INFINITY PRO bait boat is the ability to use all the technologically advanced improvements available on the market without the need to transport all the elements separately. The INFINITY PRO boat is controlled using a controller that contains all these elements, we do not need an additional stand with an echo sounder because all readings are displayed on the integrated display in the remote control.

The quality of workmanship and functionality of the INFINITY PRO bait boat, and above all, minimalism, make it undoubtedly the best production bait boat in Poland.

A remote control equipped with a color display will provide the most accurate echosounder readings in the entire color spectrum, which will allow you to read echosounder records even more precisely and easily estimate bottom variations! Targeting fish of all kinds has never been so easy. The colorful echo sounder in the INFINITY PRO boat sets a new quality standard for boats in which all the elements are in the remote control! Silt, sand, silt, vegetation, roots, stones or gravel? From now on you know where you are fishing!

The readings of the color echo sounder in INFINITY PRO can easily be compared to readings from popular echo sounders such as Toslon.

Improvements used in the INFINITY PRO 2021 model:

– New software for the receiver and remote control, which ensures a more stable signal and a much better range of up to 900 m.
– Improved user-experience remote control software.
– New, better quality receiver antennas.
– New sonar software (less interference and more accurate readings)
– Optimized engine management software + increased swimming speed by 10%
– A delicate facelift of the hull.
– Improved quality of gluing headlights/lighting.
– Increased headlamp light output.
– Changing the position of lights signaling the opening of chambers.
– Changing the position of the position lights.
– The interior of the boat has been redesigned and the position of electronic components has been changed so that in the event of flooding they do not come into contact with water.
– Reinforced battery box mounting.
– Changed sealing material throughout the boat, mainly Teflon.
– Power saving motherboard program
– More solid mounting of electronics pins.
– Protection of the switch against water ingress.
– Fully secure charging ports (completely waterproof)
– Screws for mounting the handle without using a screwdriver.
– Introduction of several new remote control software languages.
– Refined boat branding.


– Advanced 7-channel 2.4GHz controller with display
– LED position lights allowing you to easily locate the boat on the water.
– LED main lights allowing for illumination of the road in front of the hull.
– LED signal lights to indicate the opening of the chambers.
– Two pieces of 12v lithium-ion batteries – to choose from depending on the version: 2x 25aH
– Possibility to charge batteries from the outside and inside.
– Charging two batteries at one time (2 chargers)(2x faster charging)
– Hull dimensions – 69cm x 44cm x 26cm (the given dimensions do not include the antenna),
– Very accurate GPS and very precise echosounder readings.
– Autopilot guides us to the marked points on the fishing spot (999 possibilities), returns automatically after pressing the HOME key, and if the signal is not lost, it will also return to us automatically.
– GPS point location accuracy 1-3m.
– 2 hooks for dropping bait at the back of the boat.
– The range is guaranteed from 500m to even 900m. (depending on the conditions in a given area)
– The weight of INFINITY PRO is approx. 10 kg (depending on the batteries used)
– The swimming speed of the bait boat is 1-2 m/s (depending on the conditions in a given area). These are also one of the fastest bait boats of this size!
– Very economical electronic systems (batteries last a very long time) (floating up to 20 km depending on conditions)
– Separate bait chambers opened and closed using actuators.
– The load capacity of the bait chambers is approximately 10 kg. (additionally, they are airtight, which allows you to pour Dips)
– High sides and Tritamaran housing can easily cope with even larger waves.
– The balance of the hull has been designed so that there is no chance of the boat capsizing.
– Transport bag in the form of a backpack – you can fit a boat and all additional accessories in it! transport on the back is really comfortable.
– Trimming the engines, i.e. equalizing their power, is useful in crosswinds to sail straight without any problems.
– Separate electronic modules inside the INFINITY PRO boat save money and the biggest advantage is that if any of the elements wear out, we replace it with a new one. In the case of other boats available on the market, all elements are integrated on one main board, so when it fails, we have to replace all elements/modules.
– The service involves disconnecting the modules and replacing them with new ones. (the entire equipment can be replaced in 15 minutes)
– Polish Distribution and Warranty! Very fast service of bait boats!
– Post-warranty support.


We guarantee that each customer will receive full technical support regarding the use of remotely controlled boats and dedicated accessories. Each boat is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 2 years and, of course, after this period we also provide post-warranty service. The service center operates very efficiently, so in most cases we are able to service products within 14 business days.


In the current model, much of the attention has been directed towards the signal range, which has been significantly improved. Currently, when testing with short antennas that are part of the set, we have achieved distances of up to 740 m, and when using antennas with increased signal reception strength, up to 900 m. Currently, you will not find such a long range in any other remotely controlled models. Of course, it is worth remembering that different tanks are not equal, so not all water types will achieve similar results. Our testers have currently carried out the first tests on the Rybnicki Reservoir so we can consider the data to be very reliable due to the fact that it is considered very difficult with a lot of interference from the power plant. With all this, of course, we cannot ignore the fact that the signal is still very stable and allows for full control over the bait boat.

Due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries are among the lightest, they are used primarily in all types of electronic equipment. Currently, they are most often used in laptops, mobile phones and, of course, in remotely controlled boats.


The highest quality of cells used to build our batteries is a guarantee of failure-free and long-term use of this type of batteries.


Currently, our offer includes batteries with a capacity of 50Ah (2x25Ah), which, depending on the version, are installed in pairs for each INFINITY PRO boat. In each boat you will find 2 batteries with a total capacity of 50Ah

The INFINITY BOAT controller is definitely an innovative and very technologically advanced device that combines the functions of a controller, a color echosounder display, an autopilot with point programming function and an auto-return function in an exceptionally compact way.

For years, separate devices have been used in bait boats, which definitely took up much more space, moreover, unfolding, starting and connecting all the devices took a lot of time and since then we have been asking ourselves for what purpose? The answer was to combine all the pieces of the puzzle into one multifunctional controller that manages the operation of the bait boat. From now on, we do not have to waste time and space, and of course we receive the same quality components.The color display not only presents all functional notifications but also displays high-quality echosounder readings, sparing no details that each carp angler will use to be able to read all information about the bottom structure and the existence of fish.

Each INFINITY BOAT bait boat sold includes a transport backpack made of high-quality materials and equipped with several convenient pockets in which we can store chargers, additional batteries, remote control, antennas and other accessories dedicated to the boat. The zippers in the backpack are very durable and the shoulder straps are additionally secured with pins to prevent the straps from breaking.

Due to the fact that our INFINITY PRO bait boats have lithium-ion batteries in pairs, why not use two chargers to charge them simultaneously? Regardless of whether we charge the batteries outside or using the charging ports located at the back of the bait boat, in INFINITY PRO we always use two chargers strong> to speed up battery charging time by 50%! As they say, time is money! Signaling diodes (red and green) will inform you about the charging status of each battery separately.

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We will introduce new products soon

The InfinityBoat brand is growing at an incredible pace. At this point, we are testing new products to complement the current range of products and accessories.